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PSD to HTML, PSD to xhtml or PSD chopping is the process of manually slicing up a PSD design and then rebuilding it using W3c validated HTML and CSS. Basically turning your beautiful design into a website or email template. Why use Design 2 Code, Our PSD to Html service gives you:
W3C Validated HTML
Cross browser compatible code (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari)
Search Engine Optimized Html
Competitive Pricing
PSD to CMS development
Hand coded HTML and CSS markup
30 Days support


At Selram Technologies, we believe in designing websites that work. When designing websites, we employ a very simple and practical approach and lay more emphasis on creating a website that would not only be useful but beautiful. Building beautiful and useful websites is our thing at Selram Technologies. When building websites, we do not restrict or constrain ourselves to the use of a particular tool or technology. Rather, our focus is always on using any tools or technology that can expressly get the job done.

At Selram Technologies, for the sake of beauty and aesthetics, we build our websites in Photoshop and then convert the PSD files to XHTML files or codes. Regardless of the sort of interface that you want your websites to have, we are confident that our PSD to XHTML conversion technique would eloquently ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded.

PSD to Joomla

If you have need for a Joomla based content based system, Selram Technologies, is the name that you can trust. At Selram Technologies, we have you covered and have all it takes to meet all your needs for a Joomla based web content management system.

When designing a Joomla based web content management system, we do not sacrifice aesthetics at the altar of technological limitations. Hence, we usually start off the design and development of the interface of all our Joomla based content management systems using Photoshop, thereafter, we then create the Joomla interface from the PSD file that we have created with Photoshop.



PSD to Wordpress

At Selram Technologies, our specialty is in developing great looking websites and useful internet applications. Amongst the numerous web apps that we have competence in designing, CMS (content management systems) tops the list. With us, your need for a web content authoring and management system is met.

We at Selram Technologies are specialists in the field of content management systems. In the past and in recent times, we have been instrumental to the development and startup of several successful web content authoring and management systems.

When developing content management systems, we do not utilize traditional technologies or templates; rather, we modify and tweak them to make them a little better and more unique. At Selram Technologies, we have the capability and wherewithal to develop wordpress systems. When developing wordpress systems, for the purpose of uniqueness, we usually develop the interface of the system in Photoshop, and then convert the PSD to a wordpress template.

PSD to Magento

If you have need for an ecommerce portal, we at Selram Technologies have you covered. When designing magento components based systems, we do not downplay on the need for aesthetic. Hence, we do not believe in using pre –existing templates. When developing magento based systems, we usually begin the development of the interface using tool like fireworks and Photoshop. After creating the interface in PSD file formats, when then proceed to convert or work them into a magento based system. For all your magento based systems, do contact us because we are certain that you would be amazed by the outcome.

PSD to Drupal

The explosive popularity of Drupal accounts for the reason while it is been used today as the back end for about 3% of all the websites worldwide. If you have need for a content management system that has Drupal as its back end, then Selram Technologies in the name that you can trust.

At Crayon graphics, we usually design content management systems for our clients using Photoshop to design the interface. After creating the interface in Photoshop, we then proceeds to convert the PSD files into a Drupal based template. For all your Drupal, based content management systems do not hesitate to call on us.


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